What Happens When You Mix Dayquil And Nyquil? Is It Gonna Be Harmful?

Have you ever been sick and wish you can speed the recovery process and double the suggested dose? Now, you would think that it will get you sooner result. One thing for sure you get twice as the ingredients. Yet, the result for every medicine is different. It is like wondering What Happens When You […]

8 Importance of Organic Chemistry in Pharmaceutical Industry

Chemistry plays a lot in both industry and daily life. Its benefit and use helps to advance thr productions of various items as well as pharmaceutical development. The type of chemicals often found to be very beneficial in medicine industry is organic chemical. Importance of Organic Chemistry in Pharmaceutical Industry Organic chemicals are part of […]

4 Arabian Chemists Who First Developed Apparatus For Distilling Mixtures

Before western developed science, the development of science was already skyrocketed in Arabic country. There are many geniuses who come from this region including some chemists. It is a fact that chemistry flourished in Arabian as there are many Arabian chemists who got successful in their experiment. One of the experiments is developing apparatus for […]

7 Harmful Chemicals to Avoid with Perioral Dermatitis

It is really unfortunate event when we try to make our life healthier and hopefully gain beauty as side effect but end up in worse situation. Many people tried many skin care and cosmetic products and turns out the cosmetic products contain harmful chemical. Not only in cosmetic, the daily product which we use more […]

7 Useful Chemicals from Coral Reef Organisms

The derivation of chemical can be either from organic or inorganic source. The inorganic chemical is a synthetic derivative of lab experiment, while organic chemicals are extracted from natural source. The natural source in which expert can derivates a chemical is rich. Some of them are derivatives of plants, earth minerals, and some are from […]

10 Uses of Organic Chemistry in Medicine – Compounds

Organic chemistry is a branch of chemistry that studies about organic compound. Organic compounds, which can be found near us, are widely used in our daily life. They are used in food, agricultural, industry and pharmacy. One of its prominent function is its uses in medicine. Here is a list of the examples of organic […]

33 Common Radioactive Isotopes Used in Medicine – Types and Examples

Radiation is an expenditure and energy propagation through space or a substance in the form of waves or particles. The radiation particles are composed of atoms or sub-atoms which have a moving mass and also spreads at high speeds using kinetic energy. Some examples of radiation particles are electrons, beta, alpha, photons and neutrons. Radiation […]

12 Common Chemicals Used in Medicine – Types and Examples

In a pharmaceutical preparation, in addition to the active ingredient drug products also required excipients / additives. The excipient is an ingredient other than the active substance added in the formulation of a drug preparation for various purposes or functions. Although excipients are not the active substances, excipients are essential in pharmaceutical production to enhance […]