10 Useful Examples of Inorganic Chemistry in Everyday Life

With the advancement of technology, experts have been able to develop science and create innovation in the name of improving human life. One of the fields affected by it in chemistry. In the past, human relied only on organic chemistry where all the sources of chemicals come from nature and living being. In modern life, […]

10 List of Inorganic Water Pollutants – Substances – Effects

Many people would be agree on statement that said water is the source of life. Since human’s body are approximately 70% are liquid, then water undoubtedly is the most vital component of our life. With the raise of new products in human’s life it is an inevitable situation that people use many of branches of […]

5 Important Applications of Photochemistry in Modern Life

Photochemistry is a branches of chemistry that studies about chemical effects of light.  It is concerned with chemical reaction, isomerization and physical behavior that may happen due to the influence of visible and ultraviolet light. Indeed, this is the Branches of Inorganic Chemistry. The concept of photochemistry is divided into Two Laws of Photochemistry: The first […]

What Are Some Examples of Inorganic Compounds?

There are 5 sub Branches of Chemistry but what is inorganic compound? Inorganic compound is any chemical compound which does not have carbon atom. Inorganic compounds are quite simple because they do not form the complex molecular bonds just like carbon makes possible. Then, what are some examples of inorganic compounds? To simplify,branches of inorganic compound is any […]

Chemical Formula and Uses of Magnesium Carbonate

What is magnesium carbonate? what is its chemical formula and uses? Magnesium Carbonate is a compound component in the table that has the symbol Mg, nuclear number 12 and nuclear molecule 24.31. Magnesium is the most bounteous snapper component on earth and it incorporates 2% of the Earth’s outside substance regarding weight, when it is […]

15 List of Chemicals in Plastic – Properties – Dangers

Plastics is one of the most compounds we used in our daily life. We used it since a long time ago. Up till now, plastics are still being one of the most popular product in the market. Factories made plastics from a combination of chemicals component. We have a different kind of chemicals component that […]

20 Potassium Uses and Properties in Everyday Life

As one of the alkali metal we could find in the nature, potassium is indeed important. While we might know it as its other name, Kalium, potassium has many benefits and role in the human body. This particular element is very important to be consumed by us in a balance state though, because too much […]

7 Uses of Germanium in Everyday Life – Characteristics – Properties

Germanium is solid, shiny chemical element with the symbol Ge. This element has atomic number of 32 and atomic weight of 72.60. Germanium is grouped as the metalloid element which means that this carbon group element possesses both metallic and non-metallic chemical element properties. Pure germanium is the semiconductor type element making it largely used […]

6 Uses of Gadolinium in Everyday Life – Element – Properties

Gadolinium is the chemical element having the chemical symbol of Gd and atomic number of 64. It’s one of the rarest chemical element in nature which is included in the lanthanide group. Gadolinium is the chemical element which has position at Row 6 in periodic table of element. The elements on Row 6 are categorized […]

10 Uses of Iron in Human Body – Element and Properties

Our health is one of the most important thing we need to take care of. Without it, almost every other aspects of our lives would be worthless. Have you ever imagine having so much money with no energy to enjoy it all? It will all go to disposal or hospital, with you trying to fix […]