5 Examples of Transformation of Gas into Solid Solution

Gas is one form of matter which have free particles and irregular configuration. While solid is a form of matter with regular configuration of its particles. Transformation of matter can occur due to temperature changes that occur in objects. Transformation of matter from gas to solid is also called disposition or known as crystallizing. Such […]

Factors Affecting pH Solution – Formula – Principle

Acid, bases. Both groups have their own characteristics. As we have known, acid solution is typical of acidic solutions, example of acidic solutions are such as lemons and limes containing citric acid. While typical base solutions have bitter and slick solution, sodium hydroxide in detergent for example. However, if only determined by these characteristics, it […]

90 Strong Bases and Weak Bases Examples in Daily Life

Examples of strong bases and weak bases solution will be discussed once we understand definition of base and its uses. They are widely used even in the daily life. Before discussing the examples of strong bases and weak bases solution, let us identify the bases solution, as well as its characteristics and usefulness. Solution is […]

10 Radioactive Substance Uses – Definition – Hazard

Radioactive… When you pay attention to this word, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Song title? Or… chemicals? For those who answer 1 or 2, that’s all correct, really. But we will discuss the latter, definitely, that is radioactive chemicals. As we know, an atom is made up of atomic nucleus […]

15 List of Weak Electrolyte Examples – Formula – Uses

We can recognize examples of weak electrolytes from a test that when the solution given with an electric current only produces little bubbles. Before searching for information about list of weak electrolyte examples, let us briefly recall the notion of weak electrolytes. What is that actually? Weak electrolyte is a solution in which the ions […]