12 Properties and Uses of Actinium – Periodic Table of Elements

There are many kinds of chemicals in this world. The basic one will be organic and inorganic. Not only limited to the function but also the properties the chemicals have. One of the chemical exists in this world is actinium. Actinium is an element with symbol Ac. It was one of the earliest discovered chemical. […]

Radioactive Chemicals List – Functions, Hazards, and Storage

Radioactive. What was the first thing you imagine in your mind when hearing this word? Song tile? Or even Chemistry? whether you answer it with the first or second answer, you are correct. But on this article, we will cover only the topic for the second answer. It is Radioactive chemistry and here we will […]

10 Radioactive Substance Uses – Definition – Hazard

Radioactive… When you pay attention to this word, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Song title? Or… chemicals? For those who answer 1 or 2, that’s all correct, really. But we will discuss the latter, definitely, that is radioactive chemicals. As we know, an atom is made up of atomic nucleus […]