What Happens When You Mix 93 and 95 Octane Petrol?

Have you ever wondered what will happen if you go to a gas station and mix your half tank of 93 octane petrol with 95 octane petrol? Is your car going to explode? Is it dangerous? Or is it going to be okay? So we are going to answer those questions. Before we’re going to […]

Side Effects of Inhaling Hydrogen Sulphide Gas – The Harmful Substances

The hydrogen sulfide gas has many other names such as dihydrogen sulfide, sulfur hydride, hydrosulfuric acid, hepatic acid, and sulfurated hydrogen. The distinct smell that this chemical has also given it the name such as sewer gas, sour gas, swamp gas, and even stink damp. From the name itself, you can imagine, it is definitely […]

3 States of Matter Definition and Examples – Brief Explanation

Every object inside our universe consist of substance or matter. Humans, animals, and even plants consist of substance or matter. Every matter consists of thousands of millions of particles. Matter can be defined as something that has mass and takes up space. Depending on its states, matter can be divided into three main groups, solid, […]

5 Examples of Gas Turning into A Solid (Deposition)

Gas is one state of a matter where it has a free particle witch an irregular structure. Whereas solids are a state of a matter where it has structured particles and structures. The changing of state of matter can occur because of the change of temperature inside an object. The changing of state from a […]

5 Examples of Transformation of Gas into Solid Solution

Gas is one form of matter which have free particles and irregular configuration. While solid is a form of matter with regular configuration of its particles. Transformation of matter can occur due to temperature changes that occur in objects. Transformation of matter from gas to solid is also called disposition or known as crystallizing. Such […]