10 Radioactive Substance Uses – Definition – Hazard

Radioactive… When you pay attention to this word, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Song title? Or… chemicals? For those who answer 1 or 2, that’s all correct, really. But we will discuss the latter, definitely, that is radioactive chemicals. As we know, an atom is made up of atomic nucleus […]

6 Hazardous Chemicals Used in Vietnam War

Vietnam War, maybe most of us often hear or see a photo of a girl called Kim Phuc. So who is Kim Phuc? And what happened to Vietnam War? Without further ado let’s just talk about it a little bit, just to enrich our acknowledgment. So, Vietnam War happened between 1955 and 1975 which considered […]

7 Hazardous Substances in Plastic Materials We Use

Stuffs made from plastic are widely used. From household tools to children’s toys, plastic is the sole material. The most common product of plastic is plastic bag. Plastic bag has been used as container in almost every aspects of life. Plastic bag is light, durable, and strong. The common uses of plastic bag are for […]