10 Uses of Iron in Human Body – Element and Properties

Our health is one of the most important thing we need to take care of. Without it, almost every other aspects of our lives would be worthless. Have you ever imagine having so much money with no energy to enjoy it all? It will all go to disposal or hospital, with you trying to fix your health first and foremost.

To really maintain our health in a stable manner, we need to understand what kind of substances that our body needs. Meet the criteria with eating necessary food, and avoid junk food as much as possible. The right kind of food will brings you nutrients, vitamins and proteins that is really important to maintain that state of health in the body.

You know what is one of the most important substances that are needed by our body? Iron. Yes, iron is a wonderful tool for us to balance the amount of red blood in the body, and many various benefits. Iron is the chemical compund with symbu Fe (ferrum) with atomic number 26 in the periodic table. Let’s read further to find out the 20 uses of iron in human body.

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1. Iron Helps The Forming of Hemoglobin

Iron is protein’s best friend when it comes to the forming of hemoglobin. These two substances are needed in order for our body to produce this particular important aspect of the red blood. Hemoglobin itself is an important substances that gives our blood the red color and it is also the substantial instrument for our body to be able to transport oxygen. (Read: Chemicals in Energy Drinks)

Hemoglobin is an important substance to replace because it is susceptible. When the time comes, the cell will be broken and it will be need to replace it with another hemoglobin in order for our body to function properly. Another thing that’s causing hemoglobin to be broken is when our body got an infection, be it an inner infection or an outer infection.

In women, the hemoglobin will be lost much more easily, especially when they are on their period. This is why women are a bit weak when it comes to anemia. The bad effects that our body will have when it is lack of iron is that we will suffer from anemia deficiency.

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2. Iron Helps Transport Oxygen Throughout The Entire Body

This is another important role of iron in the human body : transporting oxygen.

Along with the iron as an instrument to tie the blood together, oxygen is being transferred throughout the body. With oxygen being distributed to the entire system as needed, our body will then perform normally and as needed. This is because iron helps our body distributing oxygen (a very important tool) to those part of the body that needed it through the blood.

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3. Iron Helps Organize Our Body’s Temperature

Another important role of iron that not many people know is this: iron helps balancing the body’s temperature. Keeping the body at stable temperature is an important thing to do because with that condition we then are able to perform some important task like metabolism and the forming of enzyme. The thing that we might not know is that iron has a role in the brain part where it control and stabilizing body’s temperature, this part of brain called Mentecephalon. When our body has the a good capability to absorbs iron, it will be better performing the task of stabilizing the temperature inside it.

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4. Iron Helps Improving Our Body’s Immune System

The substance of iron is helping us in improving the quality of our body’s immune system. Along with every other important substances like catalase enzyme, myoglobin etc, iron is an important component when it comes to the forming of substantial part of the body that helps immune system.

According to the scientist, iron will help our body activating limfosit system that have an important part of fighting the bacteria and viruses in the body. Other than that, iron is also helping the blood repairing the hemoglobin that are much needed in the process of reparation when there is something wrong that happened in our body.

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5. Iron Helps Improving Muscle Function

Iron is an important aspect when it comes to the health of our muscle. It is often found in the myoglobin protein, the main protein you could find in the muscle. Myoglobin is the storage to keep oxygen in, to then release it when in the process of muscle contraction.

Iron is very much needed to make our muscle function properly, as the lack of iron could leads to destabilization of the muscle. The muscle will then lack power and elasticity needed to be able to move around properly. The muscle will then weaken and this is why lack of iron is associated with anemia : a sickness when the people having it can’t move that much.

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6. Iron Has an Important Role in Our Brain

Maybe we don’t know it yet, there are many uses of iron in human body but to be able to function properly, our brain needs 20% of oxygen inside it. As we talk about it before, iron is an important substance in the body that transport and delivered oxygen to each part of the body that needed it.

The brain will always need enough oxygen if we want it to be functioned clearly and effectively. Therefore, the role of iron substance is becoming more and more important because iron is whats transporting oxygen into the brain. Not only to think, oxygen is needed by our brain to be able to command another part of the body to do what it needs to do like producing enzyme, do metabolism activities, etc.

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7. Iron Helps Our Body’s Metabolism

The food that we consume needs the right kind of metabolism to be able to proceed fairly. This is when iron is come to help once again. While we might know now that one of the main function of the iron is to transporting oxygen throughout the entire body, we must also remember what important task that is. When the iron is helping the blood transporting and distributing oxygen, another instruments of our body got the oxygen supply it’s needed. In turn, the so called body part will be able to function properly.

Iron helps metabolism because when the section of the body that is handling the metabolism doesn’t have the needed supply of oxygen, it will not be able to function normally, if any at all.

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8. Iron Helps in Defending The Body From Anemia

When a person has a low amount of iron in its body, they will suffer from anemia. Anemia is a condition that happened to our body when it is lack the blood necessary to function in the body. The symptoms of it are dizziness, weakness, tiredness and an extreme improvement of sensitivity to the low temperature.

Men are having the total iron of 4500 mg (75 kg men) while women are having like 2200 mg of iron (55 kg women). In ordinary day, usually men are having iron reserve in the body (around 500-1500 mg) while women has only max. 300 mg. This is why men are very seldom being attack by anemia while women are often has it. This condition coupled with menstruation every months are what making women susceptible to anemia deficiency.

Consuming foods that are rich of iron is one way to get anemia away from our body. These foods including : pork/poultry meat, chicken, turkey, liver, fish, shellfish, all kinds of green vegetables, tofu, broccoli, sweet pea, bean sprout, cabbage, etc. One of the most famous food when it comes to iron is of course: spinach.

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9. Iron Helps in the Forming of Neurotransmitter

Neurotransmitter is a chemical substance that function in processing and sending signals of our saraf. Iron in particular, is having an important role in the forming of some essential neurotransmitter like dopamine, norepepinephrine, and serotonine. These chemicals are what then be used to the brain activities.

10. Iron Helps in Maintaining The Enzyme System in The Body

Iron has an important role in our enzyme system and another important system because it is exist in myoglobine, sitokrome and catalase. Without it all, some of our organs will be disturbed or even stop functioning once and for all. This is why it is very important for our body to have the necessary substance and minerals to be able to function properly.

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More uses of Iron

Indeed, here are more uses of iron in the body, the chemical of inorganic chemistry compound:

  1. Improves brain function
  2. Improves muscle function
  3. Regulates body temperature
  4. Carries oxygen to body
  5. Improves immune system
  6. Energy Metabolism
  7. Improves concentration
  8. Treats Insomnia
  9. Improves Immune Systems
  10. Treats Anemia

The need of iron is varies depending on the body and the age of people consuming it. However, it is very important for us not to neglect this particular mineral because this mineral has such an important role in our body. If usually we don’t like to consume greenies like vegetables and fruits, it is time to understand the importance of it for our body if we truly want to strive to our best health throughout our entire time in earth.

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