What Happens If You Mix Potassium Carbonate And water?

Nothing beat the fun in the chemistry class when you see substance mix together. You get to know chemicals compound that makes up the soap, or the natural ingredient in your kitchen as cleaning agents. Also, there are compounds that are great and very useful but can be dangerous if you accidentally put it together […]

What Are The Uses Of Potassium Carbonate in Daily Life?

There are many chemicals involved in our daily lives. For example, when we are doing the dishes or the laundry, we use soap and detergent to make sure that all the dishes and the laundry are clean. In the process of creating both the soap and the detergent, surfactants are one the compounds involved. This […]

Why Would A Farmer Use Potassium Nitrate Rather Than Ammonium Nitrate, As A Fertilizer?

In the agricultural area, there is a prominent need for stable and healthy plants growth. It requires nutrients, sunlight, enough water to be able to harvest. There is a List Of Chemicals Allowed In Organic Farming.  That is why fertilizer becomes an inseparable part of planting crops. There are various chemicals naturally needed for plats to […]

20 Potassium Uses and Properties in Everyday Life

As one of the alkali metal we could find in the nature, potassium is indeed important. While we might know it as its other name, Kalium, potassium has many benefits and role in the human body. This particular element is very important to be consumed by us in a balance state though, because too much […]