20 List of Effective Chemicals to Kill Earwigs and Pests

Some insects are actually harmless, but when it comes to infestation, the harden can be a mess and some properties could end up damaged. One of insects that often becomes pest at harden is earwig.

Earwig is an insect type with female one usually acts as the queen. It has dark brown to light brown color and has long and grippy legs.

Because it can be such a bother for the inmate of the harden, there are chemicals that we can use to kill earwigs at garden. Below are the list of the respective chemicals to kill earwigs:

1. Diazinon

The common chemical found in insecticide to kill earwigs is diazinon. Diazinon is a chemical composed of rhiosposporic acid ester. The chemical works by altering the nerve system of earwigs. As a result, the earwigs will not have ability to function properly.

This will lead to forced death of the respective animal. To use diazinon, the common way of use is by spraying the concentrated chemical of diazinon solution with water. Farmers can spray it onto the vegetables and plant for once in two weeks or more frequent during chronic attack. The chemical can be toxic if it is in the high dose to both human and environment.

2. Carbaryl

Carbaryl is a white crystalline chemical that is beneficial as insecticide for plants and vegetables. Unlike other insecticide that usually risky for environment and human, this insecticide is easily degradable and this is why it general used for crops and food products.

It will also help to kill earwigs that harm the vegetables as well as fruits. As earwigs usually invest on plants, carbaryl is effective when we use it as solution with water and other plants nutrient. We can easily find the chemical on store. See also, Chemicals to Kill Algae in Aquarium.

3. Chlorphyrifos

Another chemical that is beneficial to kill earwigs on plants is chlorpyrifos. This chemical works as organophosphate and has been widely used not only as insecticide but as pesticide in general. It usually comes in concentrate with water solution as the way of application.

As the chemical is moderately hazardous, humans are supposed not to come in contact with this chemical too much. Also, the neurological effect of this chemical does not affect the pest but also human. Otherwise, this insecticide is very effective in getting rid of earwigs on plants.

4. Propoxur

Alternative chemical to get rid of earwigs is propoxur. Propoxur is insecticide belongs to non systematic pesticide with quick effect that can kill any insects instantly. It is also used for mosquito and other pests. Propoxur works by targeting the internal system that vital to the insect. That is why insect will immediately die after it gets in contact with propoxur.

However, this chemical also has long residual effects and can stay in some places for long period of time. Therefore, make sure to wash any equipment as well as body when using propoxur on plants. Also always wash the plants ot vegetable to make sure the residue will not stay. You can also read Effects of Agricultural Chemicals on Water Quality

5. Spinosad

Spinosad is an insecticide that also works as chemical to kill earwigs. The chemical belongs to organic chemical originated from bacteria Saccharopolyspora spinosa. To use this chemical, it involves relatively easy and safe mechanism. It usually comes in either powder or concentrate.

As it comes from natural source and has less side effects than artificial insecticide, people prefer to use spinosad and unlike the banned chemicals, many countries allowed the use of spinosad. Work ad over the counter insecticide, we can easily find this insecticide on store. However, safety is still first priority so before spraying this to kill earwigs, always wear personal protective equipment.

6. Abamectin

Another chemical to kill earwigs Is abamectin. Abamectin is a chemical that derivated from organic compound. This insecticide is considered a safe one and we can find the chemical on store. To use abamectin to kill earwig, we can make a water solution.

After that, use sprayer to spray on the plants or vegetables. The chemical is generally safe but there should be a protective mask and glove to use to avoid irritation. Earwigs are usually resistant to too frequent insecticide.

7. Amitraz

Alternative to kill earwigs is amitraz. Amitraz is a synthesized chemical beneficial to get rid of insect including earwigs. It belongs to inorganic compound derivated from laboratory.

To apply amitraz to the earwigs, we can do spraying or direct injection, but the latter is not recommended. In order for us to get rid of earwigs completely, a routine spraying is needed. However, too frequent spraying will do the opposite. Thus, make a strategy by spraying once per week for the maximum.

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8. Bifenthrin

The chemical that is not specifically for earwigs but can do the job as well is bifenthrin. This insecticide is generally for red ant, however, it works just as good for other insects. To do so, we can spray some bifenthrin to the plants or vegetables infested by earwigs. Also, the chemical is soluble with water so we can use water as a solution with it.

Bifenthrin works by influencing the nerve system of the insect. After that, the insect will find it difficult to sustain life and eventually dies out. Labeled with many brands, we can easily find this insecticide to kill earwigs at store.

Other substances to kill earwigs

Here are more chemicals to kill earwigs:

  • Buprofezin
  • Carbofuran
  • Deltamethrin
  • Dicofol
  • Emamectin
  • Etoxazol
  • Fipronil
  • Garlic Extract
  • Mancozeb
  • Metal Dehyde
  • Oxamyl
  • Parathion

There are actually far more many chemicals that we can use to kill earwigs. Most of the allowed chemicals are generally safe but it is not a guarantee that there is no side effects. That is why that we need to be careful when using them. Indeed, there are 20 list of chemicals to kill earwigs. Related article: Chemicals Found in Pesticides