10 Real Examples of Newton’s Laws in Everyday Life

As we all know, that every law in that exist in the Physics field of study is made based on phenomena that occur in our everyday life. So, it is normal that we found some implementations of Newton’s law in everyday life. Before we discuss this even further about Newton’s law in everyday life, maybe […]

Gas Laws Definition, Formulas, and Examples

The gas particles move so freely that is why it is difficult to learn about the characteristics of the gas. The simplification of the problem for studying the gas is to create a definition and scope boundary about the ideal gas. The ideal gas is a gas that has the ideal special characteristic. Those characteristics […]

8 Basic Laws of Chemistry – Theories – Principles

Basic laws of chemistry are the law that is widely applied or used in chemistry science. Chemistry is a branch of science that study chemical property, elements, molecules, and many other things in our life. Because the scope of chemistry science is wide, people tend to back-off from learning chemistry, even only for a little […]