12 Cool Experiments to Do at Home with Household Items for Kids

Science has evolved with many inventions around. With the development of science and technology, nowadays people can do their own experiment. Science experiment does not always involve complicated laboratory tools or equipment but instead can use simple tool just like household items. Surely those of experiments are only for the safe ones. It is best […]

10 Real Examples of Newton’s Laws in Everyday Life

As we all know, that every law in that exist in the Physics field of study is made based on phenomena that occur in our everyday life. So, it is normal that we found some implementations of Newton’s law in everyday life. Before we discuss this even further about Newton’s law in everyday life, maybe […]

3 Louis de Broglie Quantum Theories – Applications – Atomic – Model

Atomic theory is one of the most basic and important study in the chemistry. Atomic theory gives the basic understanding about atomic structure which also presents the properties of chemical element and matter. There many atomic theory which are very influential not only for chemistry theory, bu also to other studies like biology, physics, mechanical […]