A-Z List of Elements in Alphabetical Order – Names and Symbols

The elements in chemistry gradually increase as more research on chemical compound keep inventing new compound. The benefit of chemical elements ranges variously from industrial uses, home use, agriculture, pharmaceutical, and environment as shown in Importance of Chemistry in Environment. In order to be able to distinguish each elements along with the characteristics it has, […]

10 Interesting Characteristics and Uses of Rhodium

Among the basic chemical, rhodium is one of them. Rhodium is among the basic chemicals in list of periodic table. The first discovery of rhodium was in 1803 discovered by William Hyde Wollaston. This compound is among rare metal platinum and received much attention during its first discovery. In the CAS registry, the chemical is […]

7 Chemists Who Contributed in the Development of the Periodic Table

Periodic table is the essential table in chemistry where it holds the list of chemicals in basic. The creation of periodic table took a long history. It is because each element discovered by different chemist. The periodic table has the chemicals or elements in ordered atomic number. Usually the metal compounds are on the left […]

118 List of Chemicals on the Periodic Table – Symbol – Atomic Number

this article will talk about the list of chemicals on the periodic table. the method of grouping and naming has various histories. The grouping of elements based on the similarity of traits develops from the simplest to the most modern. Here are some of the origins of the systematic development of chemical element names: you […]