12 List of Chemicals Used in Pharmaceutical Industry – Side Effects

Chemicals contribute to a lot of fields in industry, including pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical industry is an industry of medicine and health care product. Either organic and inorganic compound have some benefits to human health. As this industry revolves around health, surely strict and thorough procedure is needed in order to create the safest with the […]

Importance of Green Chemistry in Pharmaceuticals – The Principles

Green chemistry has evolved from a small idea into a new approach to scientifically based environmental protection. By using green chemical procedures, Can minimize waste materials, keep the atomic economy and prevent the use of hazardous chemicals. Researchers and pharmaceutical companies should be encouraged to consider the principles of green chemistry when designing processes and […]

8 Importance of Organic Chemistry in Pharmaceutical Industry

Chemistry plays a lot in both industry and daily life. Its benefit and use helps to advance thr productions of various items as well as pharmaceutical development. The type of chemicals often found to be very beneficial in medicine industry is organic chemical. Importance of Organic Chemistry in Pharmaceutical Industry Organic chemicals are part of […]

25 Propylparaben in Pharmaceutical Uses – Medicine Compounds

Parabens (methylparaben and propylparaben) are large spectrum antimicrobial drugs, hydro soluble, insipid, colorless and odorless. Those characteristics make them as a substance needed in the formulation of medications. Parabens have not only been used in pharmaceutical, more about organic chemicals in medicine in Uses of Oganic Chemistry in Medicine, but also in food and cosmetics […]