14 List Of Chemicals That Glow Under Black Light – Application

Before we get into cool chemicals that glow under the black light, do you guys know what exactly a black light is? Or why does it called black light?

This things must be spinning around your head as I was as well. But worry no more, this article will explain it to you and what more awesome is that not only explaining what a black light is this article will tell you chemicals that glow under black light.

When hearing the terms black light most people might think that this term is contrary, how can a light emit black color? Black light actually is a lamp that radiate UV (Ultraviolet) light, since the light can not be seen by naked eyes that is why people called it as black light. Even though it can not be seen by human’s eyes, this type of lamp or bulb can reveal another things that is some particular chemical that only will glow under the black light.

This is happen because black light emit high amount of ultraviolet light and the Fluorescent substances absorb the ultraviolet light and then re-emit it almost instantaneously. Some energy gets lost in the process, so the emitted light has a longer wavelength than the absorbed radiation, which causes the material to glow.

Mainly there are three type of things that could be glowing in the dark that are phosphorescence, Fluorescence, and Chemiluminescence. phosphorescence works because of it is saving light reaction and slowly release it in the form of light under black light, difference from fluorescence which cease to glow immediately when the radiation source stops, is continues to emit light for some time after. While Chemiluminescence is working as the result of chemical reaction between chemicals compound.

Here are the list of chemicals that glow under black light  :

1. Phospor

Is a chemical element with P as the symbol and with atomic number of 15. When exposed to radiation such as black light the solid material compounded from phospor will luminesce. Not only used as material in glow in the dark things, it also used in CRT (cathode ray tube), sensors, white LEDs, and also plasma video plays screens. You may also read about Hazardous Substances in Plastic Materials

2. Zinc sulfide

Is one of two type of phospor that commonly used as glow in the dark material. Zinc sulfide is an inroganic compund with chemical symbol of ZnS. The addition of suitable activator ppm, this chemical will exhibits strong phosphorescence as described by Nikola Tesla.

3. Strontium aluminate

Other than zinc sulfide , is another type of phospor that glow whenever emitted by black light. With chemical symbol of SRA, SrAl, SrAl2O4 , this compound found to be solid odorless and nonflammable. This compound weight heavier than water. This compound is widely used in many product such as tape, sticker and bedroom interior accesories as form of stars etc.

4. Fluorescence

Is the other type of chemicals that glow under black light Fluorescence works as the same as phosphorescence, but it glows less longer than phosphorescence. Fluorescence can be found in many things from organic to inorganic. Organic Fluorescence can be also called as Biofluorescence that happen to jelly fish, rocks, and other organic. The application of inorganic product can be found in glow in the dark lamp, bulb or paint. 

5. Chemiluminescence

As mention before the chemical that glow under black light is happening because of three major distinction. Chemiluminescenes happen and resulted a glow under the blacklight situation. When Luminol (C8H7N3O2) reacting with Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 resulting a 3-aminophthalate, blue light photon in released when 3-aminophthalate drops down to it ground state.

6. Diphenyl oxalate reacts with hydrogen peroxide

Ever wonder why glow stick only glow when you snap or break it ? It is because when you snap the glow stick under black light it is oxidized to give phenol and a cyclic peroxide. The peroxide reacts with a molecule of dye to give two molecules of carbon dioxide (CO2) and in the process, an electron in the dye molecule is promoted to an excited state.

When the excited (high-energy) dye molecule returns to its ground state, a photon of light is released and resulting a glow. You may also read about Hydrogen Peroxide Applications

7. Nitric oxide

There are so much more application of glow under the black light used in product other than only entertainment product such as nitric oxide detection on water to asses the quality of water by using Chemiluminescent principle. Ozone is combined with nitric oxide to form nitrogen dioxide in an active state. The active nitrogen dioxide will glowing under the black light even though it will only produce a lower energy state. You may also read about Examples of Organic Compounds and Uses

Meanwhile, that all the  list of chemicals that glow under black light. Thus, we now know the Natural Chemicals Used in Daily Life

Some Applications of Glow In The Dark Chemicals

So, basically those are chemical that glow under the black light. There so many other interesting application or product or creature that can produce light under black light condition and here are the list of them  :

  1. Glowing Vitamins, this cool product made by crushing B-12 tablet to vinegar. It is resulting a bright yellow under a black light.
  2. Scorpions Glow in Black Light, the emperor scorpion has a dark color on human naked eyes but when it is under the black light it become blue-green colored.
  3. Tooth whitener, or other enamel product used on our teeth will glow under black light. The glow light keeps the teeth from the disgusting yellowish color.
  4. Germs, have you ever saw advertising about hand wash product will diminish germs and they proven by radiate the hand under UV light?
  5. Fluorescent Minerals and Gems, some rocks including , agate, quartz, calcite, ruby, gypsum, talc, opal, amber , and fluorite glows under the black light in various color from red to blue.
  6. White Paper, since paper is treated with Fluorescent it appears to be glowing under the black light. The purpose of application of fluorescent is to make paper appear to be brighter.
  7. You, our human liquid such as blood, urine and semen do glow under the Ultraviolet light. That is why cops use it in crime scene in case to find blood to solved the case even though the blood can not be seen directly if it was there then using a black light or Ultraviolet light it can easily located.

Meanwhile, that all the  list of chemicals that glow under black light. The Branches of Chemistry is useful for our everyday life.