Most Harmful Effects of Chemicals to Living Things in Our Daily Life

What are chemicals? Chemicals are any substances (pure or mixture) consisting of matter. It includes liquid, solid, and gases. Chemicals may occur naturally or can be made artificially. Naturally-occurring chemicals Naturally-occurring chemicals are chemicals that we can found naturally in the environment without any changes of chemical composition in the extraction process. There are many […]

12 List of Chemists Who Started Organic Chemistry – The Inventions

Organic chemistry is one of the earlier developments of chemistry. Organic chemistry is chemistry that deals with compound of organic or living being chemicals as seen in Examples of Organic Compounds and Uses. The start of organic chemistry was quite in early days as human learns to see how living being can be source of […]

7 Chemists Who Investigated the Composition of Hydrogen and Oxygen

Chemistry is major field in science. Almost all aspects in life have chemistry going on. Furthermore, the crucial field in the mankind developed as chemicals grow widely. All of that thanks to chemists who gradually discover or fabricate chemicals in their experiment just like chemists who contributed in the development of the Periodic Table. Although […]

Harmful Effects of Chemical Pesticides on Human Health – Types and Dangers

What are pesticides? Pesticides are substances that are meant to control pests, which also include weed. According to World Health Organization (WHO), Pesticides are chemical compounds that are used to kill pest, including insects, rodents, fungi, and other unwanted plants (such as weed). Although the major advantages of pesticides are used by farmers to protect […]

12 List of Importance of Organic Chemistry in Industry

Before the vast development of science that enables artificial invention, organic chemistry was all that humans have to sustain and improve their life. Despite many inorganic and synthetic substances, organic chemistry still plays huge role industry. List of Importance of Organic Chemistry in Industry Not to mention many of the newly developed chemicals are derivation […]

12 List of Chemist Who Has a Solution for Not Succeeding

Chemist is a person who deals with chemistry as his or her field and focus on its expertise. However, the way to become one is not as smooth as silk. Several notable chemists known for their hundreds failed experiments but ended up succeeding and discover important invention and facts. List of Chemist Who Has a […]

6 Importance of General Chemistry to Criminology Field

The development of chemistry begins since the days of Alchemy is the 5th century BC which began in Alexandria, Egypt and developed into China. The chemistry that developed at that time was called alchemy. At that time Alexandrian alchemists tried to turn stones into gold. The development of alchemy in China produces useful gunpowder to […]

4 Importance of Chemistry for Engineers and Its Application in Industries

Chemistry is a branch of science that deals with the properties and physical and chemical characteristics of matter or matter and its interaction with energy. There are many differences that can be seen when comparing basic chemistry and modern chemistry. Basic chemistry comes from ancient times, namely in the days of scientists named alchemists. Importance […]

All Uses of Alkanes, Alkenes, and Alkynes in Industry and Many Fields

Alkanes, alkenes, and alkynes are similar in name but they are slightly different. Eventhough the use of them may overlaps in some cases, each of them is a compound on their own. Alkanes is hydrocarbon compound with one single bond. As for the alkenes, it has for the very least double bonds compared to alkanes […]

Why Do Biologists Need to Have a Good Understanding of Chemistry?

What is Biology? Biology is a discipline of science that was first introduced in the 18th century. The word “Biology” is derived from two Greek words, they are “bios” which means life and “logos” which means science or knowledge. From that derivation we can say that Biology is a discipline of science that studies about […]