A-Z List of Harmful Chemicals to Pregnancy – Things to Aware!

Woman come in contact with chemicals that is harmful in pregnancy more than men. From chemical ingredient in their cosmetics to products at home. Moreover, cleaning items have a high portion of harmful chemical inside it. However, there are also some chemicals that are safe for a pregnant woman. There are some chemicals or organic chemicals that […]

Uses of Vanadium in The Human Body – Interaction and Properties

The chemical element represented by the V symbol and with the atomic number 23 is vanadium. Vanadium has a silver-gray color. Vanadium is included in the soft metal. Vanadium occurs naturally in 65 different minerals and in fossil deposits. Vanadium is a bright, white, soft and resilient element, and is mostly found in vanadinite and […]

Harmful Effects of Chemical Pesticides on Human Health – Types and Dangers

What are pesticides? Pesticides are substances that are meant to control pests, which also include weed. According to World Health Organization (WHO), Pesticides are chemical compounds that are used to kill pest, including insects, rodents, fungi, and other unwanted plants (such as weed). Although the major advantages of pesticides are used by farmers to protect […]

20 Harmful Effects of Environmental Chemicals to Human Health

Chemicals undeniably are very important in life. From the example of organic compound uses to inorganic compound, each has its benefit to mankind. However, the advantages always have the other side that is less fruitful as well as dangerous to human. Some chemicals in agriculture for example, turns out to be dangerous to human. The […]

15 Effects of Environmental Chemicals and Metals on Reproductive System

The chemical compound that presents in environmental media such as air, water, soil and even consumer product is called environmental chemicals. The risk of these chemicals enter human body system is very high, studies found that environmental chemicals and their metabolites can even be measured in urine, blood, breast milk and other human body fluids. […]

26 Harmful Effects of Chemicals in Hair Gel You Should Be Aware

Grooming product such as hair gel does not seem harmful on our eyes. This simply because you do not know what it is capable of, not only harden or make your hair shinny it can also makes damage to you. It is simply because of some hair gel use a particular potentially harmful chemical. Surprisingly […]

30 Effects of Hazardous Substances and Chemicals on Prenatal Development

With the growing industry and technology advancement, people utilize substances and chemicals even more to sustain and improve their life. Some of them are derived from nature while the others are made synthetically in a lab. Be it from nature or artificial or either List of Organic Chemicals or the inorganic ones, those substances and chemicals […]

25 Bad Effects of Agricultural Chemicals on Human Health

Agriculture meaning has narrowed down to plant farming (horticulture), but actually, it also includes the science of livestock breeding, and fungus cultivating. Because of the rapid increase of human population, food demand is also rocketed. Agricultural chemicals or also known as agrochemicals are a product used in agriculture to increase the production by controlling the […]