7 Harmful Chemicals In Baby Diapers – Compounds – Cautions

after being recognized world wide since in the late 1960s and early 1970 until now, life seems hard without baby diapers for good reason. Although throwing away nappies may raise environmental issue, this is a major covenience for parents. But this is not main case, the fact of chemical materials, which might be harmful, of […]

8 Harmful Chemicals In Nail Polish – Compound and Cautions

This might be a disturbing news for ped-med lover. As the society puts high bow on human appearance, especially women, we would like to maintain our appearance into the next level more and more. From hair, face, brow, fats in the body and even small part in our body called nails. Hence, we would never […]

21 Harmful Chemicals in Tattoo Ink – Compound – Cautions

This article will talk about the harmful chemicals in tattoo ink and also its bad effects. Tattoo itself is an artistic activity that a person undertakes to express himself in a permanent painting on the surface of his body. Tattoos are also used as a way to show one’s identity. Not everyone can have a […]

7 List of Harmful Chemicals in Toothpaste – Ingredients

Toothpaste may become one of the most basic personal care which is available in everyone’s bathroom. Everyday, people use toothpaste to brush their teeth. However, not many of them consider about the chemical containment in their toothpaste or other personal care products. Most of people decide to trust the manufacture and believe to its popular […]