29 Top List of Chemistry Universities in China

After we graduated from senior high school, we will choose our own paths. Whether we are going to get a job, continue to college, or even build a family, everyone have their own options which can affect their life and so on until they are finally reach their dream, and each of those options have their own advantages.

For example, if we choose to get a job we can earn some living, having more experiences either with other people at work. If we choose to build a family, there are also some advantages. We can learn to be more responsible right at the moment of your life. The other option is going to college.

Most people nowadays would like continue to college since most jobs nowadays only take someone who at least has Ph.D. degree or maybe they would love to work . Going to college give us much more options to decide whether it’s the school which we will go to or either should we choose to go abroad or staying in our homeland.

List of Chemistry Universities in China

After the choice has been done, there are another choices that you need to decide quickly and precisely. One of the other thing you’ll need to think about once you have decided to go to university is about picking class that you want to join. Speaking of picking class, some of people take interest on some science class, and here we’re talking about chemistry, it is one of the challenging and quite fun class since we will ‘’play’’ with some chemical stuff to make things that can be useful for people’s life. And speaking of chemistry, the country of Asia is best known of its traditional remedies.

In case, you’re interested to be in the list of famous scientists who are also artists  , then you got to choose the right majority in the university. Well, even after you choose this subject, you’ll also have to reconsider these branches of chemistry. Yeah, becoming in the list of chemists in Australia and their contribution isn’t as easy as learning the basic laws of chemistry. But, you can always start from the basic.

So here are some popular chemical universities in China, which can be an option for you who are interested in spending your life studying this subject.

  1. Peking University

Peking University is one of the most popular universities in China. Located in northeast of the Forbidden City in the center of Beijing, this university consists of 30.000 more students from all around the world. Peking University offered lots of scholarships for almost every international students, which is a great opportunity for someone who likely to study abroad.

  1. Tsinghua University

Built on 1911, this university consists of 57 departments, start from literature, sciences, civil engineering, even arts. This university has several sciences departments, which is a good option for someone who likely to working in sciences. In Science subject there are mathematical sciences, physics, and chemistry. Meanwhile, in Civil Engineering there are construction management, hydraulic engineering, etc.

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  1. Fudan University

Those who would like to take medication school, this university could be an option, because it has 9 hospital schools which offered medical treatments. Besides medical schools, it also has engineering subjects, such as macromolecules sciences, and such.

  1. Shanghai Jiaotong University

Located in a beautiful Shanghai city, this university holds 40.000 more of students. It has Sciences, engineering, medical sciences, and much more. Sciences subjects is divided in many more departments, there are chemistry and chemical engineering, mathematical sciences, physics and astronomy, and much more.

  1. University of Science and Technology of China

Being one of top 100 universities in the world, this universities support national’s science and technology needs. Located in Hefei City, China, University of Science and Technology of China holds 15.000 more of students which could be handled by almost 2.000 academic faculty staff.

  1. Zhejiang University of Technology

Located in Hangzhou city, this university is considered as the second largest university in Zhejiang province. Established in 1953, this university has speciality in chemical and biology engineering.

  1.  Nanjing University

Nanjing University could be one of the most difficult university to sign in, because Nanjing University is way too selective in accepting students. It has more than 30 schools which is why it is become a popular university.

  1. Jilin University

Jilin University located in Jilin, China. This university has lots of facilities to offered, such as a massive library which contains millions of books, 7 campuses, lots of laboratories that almost cover all of the schools, research center, etc.

  1. Shanghai University

Shanghai university has 3 campuses which located in Baoshan, Yanchang, and Jiading. It has lots of sciences schools, such as arts, laws, chemistry, daily science, computer science, material science, environmental science, etc. Also read: Job Opportunities after Bsc Chemistry

Other List of Chemistry Universities in China

Nine doesn’t seem enough for China. In fact, there are more than 20 another university that has a good chemical engineering major in China. Here are few other list of chemical university that you can find in China :

  1. Dalian University of Technology
  2. East China University of Science and Technology
  3. Wuhan University
  4. Beijing Institute of Technology
  5. Beijing Normal University
  6. Lanzhou University
  7. Sun Yat-sen University
  8. Tianjin University
  9. Xiamen University
  10. Donghua University
  11. East China Normal University
  12. Harbin Institute of Technology
  13. Huazhong University of Science and Technology
  14. Shandong University
  15. Sichuan University
  16. Soochow University
  17. South China University of Technology
  18. Tongji University
  19. Xi An Jiaotong University
  20. Nankai University

That’s all 29 top list of chemistry Universities in China. Although they all teach the same subject, chemical engineering, but they’re totally unique and different from one to another. Their locations, facilities, situation, lecturer, management, are all different. This is what make choosing university is hard and tricky for some people. You need to be very careful in choosing where would you like to invest your time studying a field that you like.

You need to take a look at the locations, no matter where you live, be it out or inside China. If you’re foreigner, choose university where there are dorm or any house you can live in. Make sure it’s affordable for you, of course. You wouldn’t want to starve on your first month of studying, right?

After that, you need to do some research, like what you’re doing right now if you’re reading this article till the end. You need to know detailed information about that university, so that you’re sure if it fits you or not. However, pick your university wisely, study hard and keep chasing your dream. Nothing is impossible, if only you want to try.