5 Democritus Theory of Atoms – Structure – Model – Development

Democritus is one of the most influential people in the chemistry. He was the first person who discovered the theory of atom. We know his discovery as Democritus theory of atoms. This theory is one of the most important theory in the atomic theory and organic chemistry in general. His theory has effectively given the great foundation […]

3 Louis de Broglie Quantum Theories – Applications – Atomic – Model

Atomic theory is one of the most basic and important study in the chemistry. Atomic theory gives the basic understanding about atomic structure which also presents the properties of chemical element and matter. There many atomic theory which are very influential not only for chemistry theory, bu also to other studies like biology, physics, mechanical […]

3 Proton Uses in Everyday Life – Theory and Chemistry Basic Concepts

The study about atom is really important in chemistry, especially the basic understanding about Proton, Electron and Neutron. Atom is the basic particle in the element. An atom will determine the special properties of certain element. We know that atom consists of proton, electron and neutron. These three parts have its own properties and uses. […]

5 Differences between Acid, Base and Salt – Concept and Reactions

The basic concept of acid, base and salt substances is extremely important in the chemistry study. We know that there are clear difference between acid, base and salt. They possess different chemical and physical properties. These qualities’ differences will lead to the different kind of reaction between acid, base and salt. This article will explain the […]

Chemical Analysis of Seawater – Formula – Composition – Salinity – Uses

Sea water or salt water obviously has special chemical and physical properties than the regular water. The chemical analysis of seawater is important in order to fully understand the properties, containment, chemical reaction and other qualities of seawater. This article will focus on describing the chemical analysis of seawater, chemical composition of seawater, salinity and […]

5 Postulates of John Dalton – Atomic Theory – Studies – Drawbacks

Atomic theory is one of the great discovery in the chemistry study. This is the basic concept which gives the better understanding about many branches of chemistry, both in Branches of Organic Chemistry and Branches of Inorganic Chemistry. One of the popular name in atomic studies is John Dalton. He released the postulates of john dalton to describe […]

Acid in Water Reaction – Theories – Formula – Experiment

In chemistry, understanding the basic concept of acid and base is really important. The characteristic of acid and base is vital to know how they would react with other types of matter. By knowing its properties and reaction, we can avoid any possible hazard from acid or base reaction. One of the popular chemical reaction […]

5 Chemistry Models of Atoms – Theory – Scientists – Definition

The concept of atom, especially the chemistry models of atoms, is really important in chemistry study. Atom is the tiniest of an element. Atom consists of three main parts which are proton, electron and neutron. Knowing the basic concept of proton, electron, neutron is helpful to understand the chemistry models of atoms. This article will cover […]

18 Hydrogen Peroxide Applications – Industrial – Medical – Cosmetics

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the popularly used chemical compound with the chemical formula of H2O2. This is the simplest form of peroxide with the single bond of oxygen-oxygen. It’s colorless and having more viscosity than the water. Hydrogen peroxide is not stable and able to decompose with the help of catalyst or base. Its […]

Proton, Electron, Neutron – Definition – Formula – Application – Worksheet

The concept of matter, energy, element and atom are significantly important in chemistry, especially in Branches of Organic Chemistry. Matter consists of basic elements which has specific physical and chemical properties. While element consists of one atom type. Atom is the smallest particle in the element. Even though it’s considered as smallest part of an […]