A-Z Industrial Chemicals That Cause Bladder Cancer – Precaution

There is no doubt that Industrial chemicals are dangerous and need a careful handle when working in such an environment that exposes you with chemicals. This is the reason Why Should An Individual Working With Chemicals Understand The Hazard.  Industries such as manufacturing companies, rubber, textile, cigarettes, plastics, paint, hair dye just come companies that […]

8 List of Carcinogenic Pesticides in Agricultural Industry

Agricultural industry in modern era revolves around chemicals in order to enhance plants and crops production. The chemicals used in agriculture such as ammonia in fertilizer and pesticides in which the two of them are the most used. One that raises concern is pesticide. What is Pesticide? Pesticide is a chemical used to get rid […]

40 List of Chemicals Known to Cause Cancer or Reproductive Toxicity

You will be very displease after knowing the fact that goods producer use harmful chemicals in their goods making process. But you will be more displease knowing that those products are products that commonly used by yourself or your family. Of course these harmful chemical do not directly cause harm but potentially slowly will bury […]