6 Chemical Substances in Perfume to Conceal Body Odors

In this writing material, I will take one perfume as an example, a perfume with chocolate aroma. It is especially for males. Each man has his own body odor and also chemical substances in his sweat. If these chemical substances react well with the chemical substances in the perfume, it will give them pleasant smells. […]

50 Useful Chemicals Found in Fruits and Vegetables

“Mommy, I don’t like these greens!” “You still have to eat it, dear. It’s good for your health.” Well, that short conversation might sound too cliché for most of you. But did you know? What our mom said to make us eat all the fruits and veggies up isn’t wrong. Because the truth is, those […]

15 Uses of Benzene in Everyday Life – Compounds

As part of chemicals, benzene has some derived compound and it function for our life. Benzene is founded by Michael Faraday on 1825 while faraday succeed to separate benzene from oil and naming bicarburet from hydrogen. Eight years later on 1933, german chemist Eilhard Mitcherlich succeed to produce benzene through the distillation of benzene acid […]

4 List of the Categories of Essential Biochemical Compounds

We often hear about biochemistry,  but do you know what it is? Find more about biochemistry in Sub Branches of Biochemistry. First of all, biochemical compounds are essential to life. That’s why we often hear about them. Without those compounds, there will be no plants, no animals and even no human. Biochemical compounds make up living […]

15 Examples of Inorganic Compounds Found at Home

Organic and inorganic are two main disciplines in chemistry. Examples of Organic compounds uses come from living thing and are said to be compounds consisted C-H. Meanwhile, you can simply say that inorganic compounds are just the opposite. Most of the inorganic compounds do not contain carbon nor have C-H bonds. Inorganic compounds are not […]

25 List of Chemicals in Chocolate – Ingredients – Compounds

Chocolate is a food made from a cocoa tree that is well known for its delicious taste. We use chocolate to make ice cream, chocolate drink, cake, and etc. This sweet and brown-colored food is the favorite food for a lot of people. Do you also like chocolate so much? Then this article is important […]

31 List of Chemicals in an Apple – Main Ingredients

Apple is one the most common fruit that we can eat regularly. It is one of the fruits which have a lot of vitamin B complex and also essential fatty acid that our body can’t produce. In other words, consuming apple would help our body to get their important ‘fuel’ and also help our body […]

15 Aluminium Fluoride Uses – Formula and Compound

Aluminium fluoride is the inorganic compound which has the chemical formula of AlF3. This chemical compound is one of the popularly used chemical in many manufacturing process in various industries. The main use of aluminium fluoride is in the aluminium production. In the production process of aluminium, producers do extract the aluminium from aluminium oxide […]

9 Chemicals in Energy Drinks – Compound – Effects

Are you 20-30 years old male who loves to work hard (gym or just work in general)? Then I assume you are no stranger to the concept of energy drinks. These drinks gave us incredible amount of energy and boost us up in the terms of energy, in a very short amount of time. Very […]

12 Dangerous Chemicals in Everyday Products

Are you one of those nut-freak when it comes to the healthiness of your body and your loved ones? You check the degree of toxicity in stuffs you buy because you just don’t wanna risk it. You check several times before you buy something because you’re afraid that the product might not give you and […]