7 Benefits of the Uses of Potassium Permanganate in Daily Life

Potassium Permanganate is a chemical compound that can release oxygen and kill bacteria. Therefore, this content is often found in drugs to clean wounds on the skin. This compound is a substance that is easily soluble in water so that its use is easier . Have you never heard of this before? Let’s find out […]

15 Benefits of the Uses of Hydrochloric Acid in Daily Life

Here we go again in azchemistry.com, #1 A-Z chemistry lab, study & research site. If azchemistry.com has discussed some article like health Canada list of prohibited and restricted cosmetic ingredients, list of prohibited and restricted cosmetic ingredients in UK, and list of restricted and prohibited firearms in Canada but this time we will learn about uses of […]

What are The Uses of Lithium Metal in Daily Life? Benefits and Precautions

What is lithium? Lithium is a chemical element that has the symbol Li and atomic number of 3. It is grouped as the alkali metals in the periodic table. Lithium is a soft, silvery white alkali metals. It is the lightest metal and also the lightest solid element under standard conditions. Like all alkali metals […]

Uses of Sodium Alginate in Many Fields – Properties – Application

Have you ever known about Sodium Alginate and its uses in our life? Before we discuss about Sodium Alginate, it is better for us to know about the Alginate first. Alginate is a fikokoloid or hydrocolloid extracted from phaeophyceae (brown algae). This compound is heteropolysaccharide from the formation of monomeric chains of mannuronic acid and […]

Uses of Sodium Bisulfate in Daily Life – Formula – Properties

What is sodium bisulfate? Sodium or Sodium bisulfate is a common ionic compound made up of a combination of sodium, hydrogen, sulfur and oxygen ions. Although acidic substances can be harmful in high concentrations, but sodium bisulfate is also a very useful substance. Many common household products and processed foods use sodium bisulfate as the […]

10 Uses of Iridium in Everyday Life – Compound and Properties

Tennant discovered iridium in 1803 in residuals remaining when raw platinum was dissolved with aqua regia. The naming of iridium is very feasible because the salts are brightly colored. Iridium, including platinum group families. It is white (same as platinum) but with a bit of pseudo-yellow. Because iridium is very hard and brittle, it is […]