List of Banned Pesticides in Indonesia

What do you know about Indonesia and its agricultural industry? The vast Asian country has fertile soil that you can grow just about anything. Back in the good old days, it can even export rice to other countries. Nowadays, Indonesia is facing not only food crisis where they need to import food source. There are […]

A-Z List of Harmful Chemicals to Pregnancy – Things to Aware!

Woman come in contact with chemicals that is harmful in pregnancy more than men. From chemical ingredient in their cosmetics to products at home. Moreover, cleaning items have a high portion of harmful chemical inside it. However, there are also some chemicals that are safe for a pregnant woman. There are some chemicals or organic chemicals that […]

Is Toluidine Blue Harmful – Formula – Health Risks

What is Toluidine blue? Toluidine blue is a basic thiazine metachromatic dye. It has a high affinity for acidic tissue components, as a result it stains tissues that are rich in DNA and RNA. Toluidine blue also referred as several names, like Tolonium chloride or TBO. Toluidine blue is used for histology, forensic examination, renal […]

3 Uses of Harmful Chemicals in Manufacturing Products

What are harmful chemicals? Harmful chemicals are chemicals which are harmful to be use. But those harmful chemicals were still used until today in manufacture industry. Before we discuss it, we should have known the term of manufacture industry itself. (Read Harmful Chemicals in The Environment) Manufacture industry is industry that processes raw material into […]

30 Harmful Effects of Colours Containing Chemicals Used During Holi

Holi is Indian tradition where people splash colors to others to celebrate the victory of good over evil as well as to welcome spring as winter ends. This festival is also called as festival of colors as colors are the main characteristic of this tradition. Despite the good intention and merry celebration, some of the […]

11 Harmful Chemicals in the Environment – Compound and Effects

As we know, chemicals have big contribution to human and other organism living system. Chemicals has taken many parts in our life. They can make our life easier with its benefits to our health. However, there are also some chemicals which contain toxic and may endanger the living organisms. These harmful chemicals in the environment […]