Uses of Mercuric Chloride and Potential Harmful Effects

What is Mercuric chloride? Mercuric chloride, or also known as Mercury (II) chloride, is a chemical compound which consists of mercury and chlorine that has the chemical formula HgCl2. Mercuric chloride is an odorless white crystalline solid. It has the melting point of 277°C and boiling point of 304°C. This chemical is slightly soluble in […]

Uses of Sodium Metal in Our Daily Life and Health Risks It May Cause

What is Sodium? Sodium is a chemical element with the symbol Na (which is derived from the Latin word natrium) and the atomic number 11. It is grouped as the alkali metal in the periodic table. Sodium is a soft, silvery-white, highly reactive metal. It is known for being the sixth most abundant element in […]

5 Oxidizing Material Effects for Health and Environment

Reduction reaction is a reaction where the number of oxidation states is decreasing. Substances that undergo reduction are called oxidizers. Oxidizing chemicals are actually chemicals that are not flammable, however they can produce oxygen that can cause fires. In addition to causing fires, these materials are also one of the reasons why firefighters have trouble […]

20 Harmful Effects of Environmental Chemicals to Human Health

Chemicals undeniably are very important in life. From the example of organic compound uses to inorganic compound, each has its benefit to mankind. However, the advantages always have the other side that is less fruitful as well as dangerous to human. Some chemicals in agriculture for example, turns out to be dangerous to human. The […]

15 Effects of Environmental Chemicals and Metals on Reproductive System

The chemical compound that presents in environmental media such as air, water, soil and even consumer product is called environmental chemicals. The risk of these chemicals enter human body system is very high, studies found that environmental chemicals and their metabolites can even be measured in urine, blood, breast milk and other human body fluids. […]

30 Harmful Effects of Colours Containing Chemicals Used During Holi

Holi is Indian tradition where people splash colors to others to celebrate the victory of good over evil as well as to welcome spring as winter ends. This festival is also called as festival of colors as colors are the main characteristic of this tradition. Despite the good intention and merry celebration, some of the […]