7 Chemists Who Design Fireworks are Experts on Many Kinds of Explosions

The ones who responsible in studying and inventing chemicals are chemists. Not only they discover chemicals or controversial Scientists Who Got in Trouble for Their Ideas but in the process of research or inventing chemicals, they also discovered something. One of the accidental  invention is fireworks.

There were many chemists who instead of finding new discovery in chemistry, they found a way to create explosion and fireworks instead. Despite them being accidental, it does not invalidate that the accident is also part of chemists contribution. Thus, who are the chemists who design fireworks are experts on many kinds of explosions? Check the list below.

  1. Alfred Nobel

When we first heard his name, it will remind us of the prestigious noble prize. The one who created the award is also a scientist. His biggest contribution is his discovery of dynamite and other explosive chemicals. The total discovery of his patents are 355 discoveries.

After he patented his discovery of dynamites and other explosion, he used the money to institute the award for scientists and influential people called Nobel Prize. He used nitrogllycerin and other substances to create dynamite that has explosive power. He went through difficult time when the factory where he experiment on explosive blew up and killed five people including his younger brother. Because of this event he was motivated to create safer explosive called dynamite.

  1. Enrico Fermi

Enrico Fermi discovered explosive that is also used for nuclear fission by accident. He was trying to create powerful bomb using uranium. His original intention succeeded but he was unaware that the remnant of this research was also another discovery.

By his way of bombing uranium with atoms, he split the compound into two and create explosive nuclear fission instead. The nuclear was then developed to be one of the most beneficial fuel source as well as powerful weapon.

  1. Chinese Chemists

The specific person who invented gunpowder is still unknown but it is undoubtedly from one of the chinese experiments when they tried to create new invention. The accidentally invented black powder or gunpowder that is the sole of explosion, weapon, and fireworks.

They discovered gunpowder in the ninth century when they were not aware that their discovery is a very important one. This was the pioneer of ballistic propellant, fireworks trigger and many more. Even though newer discovery that does not leave after effect as messy as gunpowder, it remains a crucial discovery in explosive related invention. 

  1. Ascanio Sobrero

While gunpowder is the pioneer of fireworks and explosion, nitroglycerin is a step up game. It is more powerful than black powder. The chemical is a mix of nitric acid, glycerol, and sulphur acid. The initial intention of Sobrero is purely for research purpose.

The volatile chemical is very dangerous that he suggested for people not to commercialize it. However, Nobel was one of the people who commercialized it, leading to explosive incident in his family’s factory. Nitroglycerin is the base of dynamite as well as pyrotechnics in fireworks. Related to: 10 Explosive Chemicals Examples

  1. Christian Schonbein

Christian Schonbein is chemist responsible for the discovery of nitrocellulose. Nitrocellulose is even a more powerful explosion that is six times more powerful than the rest of explosion. However, the discovery was accidental. He spilled nitric acid on cotton apron and the apron exploded when the acid dried on it.

Schonbein later developed this explosion to be for safer use and become popular as propellant in weaponry. The small amount of power from nitrocellulose is also for firework stage set but it is not as common as others.

  1. Joseph Wilbrand

TNT is a very familiar explosive chemical and the founder of it is Joseph Wilbrand. Joseph Wilbrand was once tried to formulate yellow die. However, he did not realize the explosive nature of the hair dye until later. The hair dye turned out to be explosive and it was the beginning of TNT discovery.

He later developed it to be a safer explosive that people can insert into shell casing. Later on the explosion from TNT is more stable and military utilized it for ammunitions in their weaponry. TNT is also the chemical in bomb with small explosive power.

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  1. Melvin Cook

Melvin Cook is another chemist who discovered explosive in his experiment. People know him as the new explosive inventor after Alfred Nobel. His best discovery is the nonatomic blasting explosive that does not include highly radioactive elements. The explosive that Melvin Cook created tamed dynamite, mining, as well as rocketry and making explosive safer than the previous generation.

He generated an idea that explosive should not always be destructive but it is also useful in a more common use than military or research purpose only. By his inventions, we are able to witness tame explosion like firework, flight show and many more. Also read: Fireworks Elements


While most chemists were not initially for the founding of explosion just like Alfred Nobel, this discovery is revolutionary since explosion indirectly played big part in world war. Some of the inventor may be condemned for creating killing invention but some like Nobel is clear from it since he used his money to establish Nobel Prize.

Nonetheless, as long as people keep it for safety purpose only, explosive should not be as dangerous as its nature is. When the explosive goes to the wrong party, it can cause big problem but for small and safe use like fireworks, it creates benefit instead of disadvantage. That is all about chemists who design fireworks are experts on many kinds of explosions.

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